Why employment Laws?   

 Employment laws are in place to guarantee a harmonized working environment for employees as well as employers. It’s a trust between employer and employee. Many employees and employers not understand or not bothered about the rules and regulations prevailing as per labor laws.

The efficiency of human resource and the Attitude of Employer / Employee are the key drivers for the success of the organization. Working capital will only fall second to this. The employees should have good personality, positive attitude and decision making skills and should be hardworking.

There are many aspects covered by the employment law which employees refer for legal action for being treated unfairly. So, Employer should have an understanding on existing employment laws to formulate proper Company Policies.

I would like to mention about some basic employment laws prevailing in India

  • EQUALITY WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION – ensures that everyone has equal opportunities in the workplace and can’t be denied the progress of career because of personal revenges or prejudicial reasons.
  • MINIMUM WAGES ACT ensures, though the employer choose a minimum wage due to various reasons or position, there is a minimum legal amount being paid. This prevents malpractices.
  • WORKING TIME REGULATIONS states that employers can make their employees work as per the company policy. Spending more time in office doesn’t mean that the productivity of the employee increases.  Mr Narayana Murthi founder of Infosys once said, “There is no proven correlation between staying late and productivity. If a person needs to stay back late, he/she is either not efficient in what he/she does, commits more than what he/she can deliver or needs to ‘show’ hard work, while trying to conceal some areas of concern. In fact employees with good work-life balance have higher efficiency levels.”
  • HEALTH AND SAFETY refers to eliminating hazardous to prevent accidents and ensure safety in the work environment. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is a wide legislation covers all aspects of health and safety in workplace
  • THE STATUTORY payouts are being monitored more strictly by government for better wellbeing of employees.

Adhering to laws, builds strong mutual relation between employer and employee and will remove hindrance for the development.

As said by Franko Dilow “There are many roads leading to success, but we need a strong ambition to achieve the same with proper planning”

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