Month: April 2017

Are You Prepared For ERP !!!

Posted by   Priya Muralidharan   |   Categories :   ERP

ERP systems by their very nature are robust and complex beasts, but when implemented and utilized properly, they can transform your business from “Good to Great”. The key however is not as much the system as it is a combination of you, the vendor and the system. The responsibility of any business that is seeking […]

April 7, 2017

Removal of Name of Company from the Register of Companies

Posted by   Reshmi Varghese   |   Categories :   Company Registration

On incorporation of a company under the Companies Act, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) issues a Certificate of Incorporation to the Company certifying that the company named in the Certificate has come into existence from the date of issue of the Certificate and its name has been entered in the Register of Companies maintained by […]

April 6, 2017