Removal of Name of Company from the Register of Companies

On incorporation of a company under the Companies Act, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) issues a Certificate of Incorporation to the Company certifying that the company named in the Certificate has come into existence from the date of issue of the Certificate and its name has been entered in the Register of Companies maintained by the ROC. Continue reading “Removal of Name of Company from the Register of Companies”

Overview – Incorporation of One Person Company (OPC)

One person Company means, a company which has only one person as a member. The intent behind having this new initiative is the fact that in India there are lots of people who work as Individual workers through proprietorship concern; through this new concept these people will have the same rights, the same credit facilities, and the same recognition as companies without having the multiplicity of Compliance.

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LLP vs Private Limited Company- Birds Eye Comparison

  • Many Entrepreneurs starting a new business are curious and confused about the
    difference between Private Limited Company vs LLP. Both entities offer many
    similar features required to run a small to large sized business, while they also differ in certain aspects.
  • A quick comparison as provided below, will help the readers to understand and facilitate better decision making in choosing between LLP and Private Limited Company.

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