IFRS Training and Implementation

IFRS and IndAS
Adoption of IFRS has become a vital issue of debate and discussion in the different country. Due to the variation in different country’s GAAP of an individual country, a threat is always sustain on the harmonization of accounting standards. IFRS is a global standard which is more reliable, transparent and fair reporting structure. India has mandate the adoption of IFRS from April 2011 but owing to divergence in its application keeping in view the diverse economic conditions, it is not adopted as such. Hence the accounting standard setting body of India “ICAI” has formulated converged IFRS which is known as Indian Accounting Standards (IndAS). IndAS is implemented in a phased manner. JRSCA offers various training programmes on the awareness of GAAP.

GST Training & Implementation

Goods and Services Tax
GST purposes to bring uniform indirect tax regime in the country by subsuming central and state indirect taxes into one indirect tax. With the onset of GST regime, it is pertinent for all the companies to revisit their supply chain mechanism to make their operations more effective and efficient. GST are divided into three components like Central GST to subsume Central Indirect Taxes, State GST to subsume State Indirect Taxes and Inter-State GST to replace Central Sales Tax. JRSCA conducts training on the successful transition to GST.

GST will be a game changing reform for the Indian economy by creating a common India market and reducing the cascading effect of tax on the cost of goods and services. It will impact the tax structure, tax incidence, tax computation, tax payment, compliance, credit utilization and reporting, leading to a complete overhaul of the current indirect tax system.

GST will have a far-reaching impact on almost all the aspects of the business operations in the country, for instance, pricing of products and services, supply chain optimization, IT, accounting, and tax compliance systems. We provide exhaustive training for a smooth transition.

Soft skill training

Soft skills training is essential for transforming a human resource. Our trainers can train your resources in wide range of topics including communication skills, body language, leadership, Etiquette, time management, goal setting, team building, work life balance, decision making etc.

Business Process Management Trainings

JRSCA's training program approaches BPM a little bit differently from many of the other providers. Our approach covers how process can help a business to achieve "successful customer outcomes" through process improvement and management.

Finance for Non finance managers

Our program provides awareness and understanding of the ways that finance affects the business objectives of professionals. This will improve your valuable insight on important financial areas that are extremely relevant for decision making in business. Participants will be more familiar with the form, content and analysis of financial statements and of the main accounting principles and techniques. The program will also help you improve your organization's performance by pointing out the importance of cost control, breakeven and variance analysis.