Investment Advisory Services

Whether you are looking out for opportunities (Buy side) or you are an investee raising funds (Sell side), JRSCA is the right partner for you. Our specialist knowledge in investment can serve as the best guidance for your investment ideas. Our experts provide personalized services which suit your requirements, circumstances, risk thresholds, expectations, and objectives. Gathering insights from the regional and global markets and researching is our strategy. It gives us complete know-how of the market dynamics and emerging markets.

Sell Side & Buy Side Advisory

There is no alternative for an advisor who has the combination of in-depth knowledge of the industry, investment strategies & Tactics. JRSCA can guide you for buying or selling a business with industry specific market research.

  • Investment strategy
  • Real-estate consulting advisory
  • Private equity, Venture capital, Angel funding, Seed funding & crowd funding.
  • Retail investor services
  • Promoting funds stocks and other instruments/ offerings