Financial Advisory Services

JRSCA Consulting and Advisory Pvt. Ltd provide best financial solutions to a wide range of clients, from various industries and geographies. Our teams of professionals and highly dedicated individuals work hard to help clients meet their financial and market goals. Our financial advisory services provide efficient solutions to increase profit by executing the optimal solutions. With our knowledge base, excellent market research and structured problem-solving approaches, our brilliant minds have gained par excellence and long experience in financial advising. We stood by our clients in each stage of business lifecycle – from creation and growth stage funding to complex transactions.

Corporate financial advisory services

We understand how our client’s capital needs will vary according to their geographical presence, business models, existing capital structure & their shareholders short and long term objectives. Our corporate financial Advisory comprises the best corporate experts around the world who work together to provide the clients with a wide range of financial corporate solutions. We can suggest you the best strategic and tactical solutions for corporate activity like merger & acquisition, fast track disposal, restructuring etc.

Capital sourcing

Our knowledge of capital markets, capital mix etc., will guide our client to maximise the value for all the stake holders throughout the capital sourcing process. We do everything, from determining the optimal capital structure, preparing request, financial & follow-up.

Debt and structured financing/ DPR

We offer advice on various financing options for our clients.

  • Permanent Financing
  • Loan against property
  • Bridge loans
  • Term loans.
  • Construction Financing
  • Loan Servicing etc.

Working capital finance

Our working capital finance solutions help our clients manage their cash flow through revolving lines of credit, and trade finance facilities, over drafts arranging working capital facilities, working capital for MSME sectors etc...

Strategic financial advisory

Operational and Financial dynamics are continuously evolving which places constant demands on your business and the resources. JRSCA offer strategic financial advisory services for:

  • Identification, evaluation and execution of possible strategic alternatives
  • Provide operational advice to fetch the maximum value
  • Calculate impact on value of potential alternatives
  • Provide ongoing support and mentorship to company management and board of directors

Roles in IPO readiness review, IPO, FPO, Public issues and private placements.

Going public can be both exciting and challenging. Let JRSCA lead your company on the path to achieving key milestone in your future development. For founders of companies, an IPO can be a great opportunity to capitalize the wealth accumulated in the company. Preparation for an IPO is a highly complex process and management sometimes underestimates the effort, costs and due diligence procedures that it entails. The companies that outperform the overall market prepare early for their IPO. Businesses need to undergo many months of advanced planning, organization and teamwork before they are ready to go public. When the market timing is right, it’s the companies that are fully prepared which are best able to leverage the window of IPO opportunity. Transaction readiness and planning start 24-36 months prior to the IPO.