Existing Business

There is a possibility of betterment, in every business. Running various functions successfully and achieving synchronization is important.

JRSCA advisors with cross cultural experience & multi industry exposure are well-aware of intricacies of fine tuning an organisation. We focus on each function to ensure the complete and exponential growth of the firm.

Businesses require the good business policies, procedure and manuals for smooth and effective and organized functioning.

Measuring the ongoing performance with effective performance metrics – KPI’s & KRA to visualize company’s growth is equally necessary in addition to finding venues for cost reduction/savings & our team has the specialization in this field. Risk assessment, future strategies, and market rating improvement are some other areas where we can potentially support.

  • Business policies, procedures and manual
  • Performance measurements, MIS / KPA development
  • Risk assessment: Risk assessment is the key to minimising upcoming problems with better forecasting.
  • Management audits
  • Management techniques like Balance score cards
  • Business transaction analysis
  • Sustainability review & implementation